WITH EN 1176 AND EN 16630

We offer a professional set of probes for testing compliance with the EN 1176 standard in playground equipment and with the EN 16630 standard in outdoor fitness equipment.

The set includes:

• a probe for testing entrapment of clothing – for the „toggle test”

• 4 probes for testing finger entrapment, connected in 2 pairs: “8mm + 25mm” and “12mm + 8.6mm” (8.6 mm for chains)

• a ring gauge to test the risk of eye injury – in the hand support or foot rest

4 probes for testing head and neck entrapments: „large head” (D), „small head” (E), „torso” (C) and tester for partially bound or V-shaped openings – 3D printed, top quality, 100% compatible with the standard dimensions .

We issue a Declaration of Conformity with EN 1176 / EN 16630. There is a possibility to obtain a calibration certificate from a laboratory accredited by PCA (for an additional fee – separate valuation).

We also offer a professional case for storing and transporting the probes.

Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 17.5 cm. Weight: approx. 6 kg.

All products are available offhand. We send the shipment after receiving the payment for the entire order, made on the basis of a proforma invoice.

A set of probes for testing compliance with the EN 1176 and EN 16630 standards


  1. A set of probes: 1480 PLN

  2. A case: 600 PLN

  3. A shipment: to be agreed, depending of the destination country. When purchasing a complete set: a set of probes + a case, shipping costs are counted only once.

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